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Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial

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Botox in a bottle

Glamoxy Snake Serum from RodialA brand new revolutionary anti-ageing cream that produces and instant face lift in seconds.

The Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial is being called “Botox in a bottle” because of the way it instantly tightens the faces and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

This isn’t another fad or gimmicky anti-ageing cream, it’s been clinically proven to work and us being used by celebrities Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham to help them look their best.

The Daily Mail newspaper has reported on how effective Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial is. The tests they did showed that after 90 seconds of applying the cream the skin became visibly tighter and wrinkles appeared reduced.

At £125 for a 25ml bottle it isn’t as cheap as the other anti-ageing creams you find on the shelves, but it is much cheaper and safer than botox or surgery. Look out for Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum at Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

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February 23rd, 2011 at 3:40 am

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Is Eye Secrets eyelid lifter safe

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Eye Secrets eyelid lifter stripsIn the last 6 months sales of Eye Secrets eyelid lifter have boomed. Celebrities are wearing them to look younger and more attractive and make-up artists are recommending them as an easy home eyelid lift kit for everyone.

Eye Secrets eyelid lifter strips are a quick and easy way to take years off the way you look and make you feel good about yourself again. The adhesive strips can be applied in seconds and will give you an instant eyelid lift. No more saggy, ageing eyelids.

But, how safe are eyelid lift strips?

The clinically tested hypoallergenic adhesive strips are gently applied to the eyelid to lift eyelids to their natural position. To hold the tape in place a petroleum based gel is used. The eyelid tape is completely clear so when applied they become invisible.

The eyelid lift tape has been thoroughly tested and proven to be completely safe, with no caustic ingredients or chemicals added.

The tape is comfortable to wear, very safe and make up can be worn over them. In seconds you will look younger and more attractive and no one will be able to tell how you did it.

Buy Eye Secrets UK

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Eye secrets UK

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Eye Secrets UK instant eyelid lift strips have been a massive hit in the UK. Since the revolutionary product launched 6 weeks ago over 15,000 have been sold, men and women all over the UK are buying Eye Secrets to enhance the way they look and feel good about themselves.

At just £29.99 for the Eye Secrets UK instant eye lift its an affordable beauty product for everyone.

Buy for Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when you’re constantly meeting people and having your photo taken. You want to look your best and you want be happy looking at the photos for years to come. Eye Secrets UK instant eye lift is the ideal solution to refresh tired or old looking eyes. In just a few minutes you will look up to 7 years younger and will be feeling much happier and more confident.

Buy Eye Secrets today

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Eye Secret strips tape

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Eye secret strips tape

Eye Secret strips are the most easy beauty product to apply. Once practiced a few times, you will be able to apply the Eye secret tape in just a few seconds. Much quicker than applying false eye lashes, they’re not fiddly or difficult to apply.

How apply Eye Secret strips:

Take one of the sheets of strips. Peel one off with your thumb and first finger.

Slightly close your eyelid. Now simply apply the strip into the crease of your eyelid. You can slide it around if you need to. Once in place press down to ensure it stays there.

Make-up can be applied as normal over the strips.

To remove the Eye secret tape simply slide your finger nail under the corner and peel off.

Eye Secret tape is the new must have beauty product. Anti-aging creams don’t work, Eye secret strips work instantly to make you look younger.

Buy Eye Secret tape

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Eye Secrets instant eye lift

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Eye Secrets instant eye lift

Eye Secrets instant eye liftDrooping eyelids can become a thing of the past. Don’t let your age catch up with you. Thousands of men and women are now using Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips to make themselves look and feel younger.

The invisible eye secrets instant eye lift strips take seconds to apply and can be worn all day underneath make up. Many people are now choosing them as a safe and effective alternative to surgery.

How to use Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips

The 30 day supply of eyelid lift strips can be used whenever you like, everyday or just for special occasions. The strips are already cut to size and fit all different eye sizes – they are a one size fits all.

The Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips will lift saggy eyelids and also help to open your eyes. They will last a full day to make you look younger and healthier.

Forget surgery

Before you even think about going through expensive eyelift lift surgery. Try eye secrets instant eye lift strips. Make up can be applied as normal on the eyelids and it won’t effect the function of your eyelid. Once they’re on you won’t even notice them. Just remember to take them off in the evening.

Buy Eye Secrets instant eye lift
Just £29.99

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Eye Secrets strips

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Eye Secrets strips

Eye Secrets strips are the new must have item for women. In just a few seconds you can make yourself look upto 7 years younger. The advanced Eye Secrets strips are applied into the crease of your eyelid to gently lift drooping skin back.

The media have been reporting about Eye Secrets strips nearly everyday, Cosmopolitan online, The Sun, The Metro, ITV’s Daybreak show, Loose Women, OK magazine are all reporting on how the Eye Secrets strips are changing lives.

The new alternative to eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty), it’s safe, quick, effective and at just £29.99 it’s affordable for everyone.

Eye Secrets strips are the new and best way to look younger and feel happier about yourself.

Buy Eye Secrets strips

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Eye Secrets discount code

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Eye Secrets discount code

Eye Secrets tape is selling quickly, with thousands sold within the first few weeks it’s a hugely popular product that is helping women look younger.

Eye Secrets discount codeThere are three eye rejuvenating products available which have been specifically designed to make your eyes look and feel  younger and more attractive.

The three products available are:

  • Upper eyelid lifter £29.99
  • Under eye tightener £49.99
  • Eyelash growth accelerator £49.99

Total price: £129.99

For a limited time only you can get all 3 products for just £79.99

To use our discount code all you have to do is follow this link and buy Eye secrets.

By using our Eye Secrets discount code you effectively get one of the three products completely free. £79.99 is a small price to pay to take 7 years off the way you look. Treat yourself and surprise your friends with younger looking eyes.

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November 18th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Eye secrets testimonials reviews

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Eye Secrets review

Eye Secret review and testimonialsThe Daily Mail, The Sun, OK Magazine and many other media publications have be talking about how good Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips are. How they can instantly lift your eyelids and take years off the way you look.

The media and the Eye Secrets company claim that thousands women up and down the country are instantly making themselves look 7 years younger and are feeling much more confident and attractive.

But is this all true? What do the customers think about Eye Secrets? Read the testimonials and reviews below to find out.


“I am 52 years old and always looked fairly good for my age. For years I have been thinking about eyelid lift surgery but never went a head with it.

A friend of mine recommended Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips and can’t believe the difference its made. I have already told all my friends!

Great product, thanks”

Theresa – Estate Agent – Edinburgh, UK


“I feel much happier and more confident, and I actually feel more awake than usual because my eyes are not half closed!

Eye secrets eyelid lift strips and the Instant eye tightner are amazing, I have always though about having eyelid lift surgery but now I don’t need to spend all that money. For just £65 I have everything I need.”

Carol – Therapist – London, UK


“I just love this product. Over the years I have spent hundreds of creams and gels that promise to firm the skin around the eyes and the eyelids but none of them ever worked.

Eye Secrets may only be temporary, but it gives me the confidence I need.

I can’t thank them enough”

Susan Harper – Jersey, UK

Mrs Clarke

“On Wednesday I went out for dinner with some friends and they all said that I looked great and my eyes looked younger. I just had to tell them about the strips and eye secrets.”

Mrs Clarke – Fitness Instructor – London, UK

Experience all of these benefits for yourself. Buy Eye Secrets

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Eyelid lift tape from Eye Secrets

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Eyelid lift tape from Eye Secrets

Eyelid lift tape from eye secretsEyelid lift tape is the new must have beauty product that is taking years off womens age. The natural eyelid lift tape takes seconds to apply and will instantly lift your eyelids.

Eyelid lift tape benefits:

  • Make yourself look 7 years younger
  • Instantly lift drooping eyelids
  • Feel more confident

Eyelid lift tape is designed to combat the signs of ageing. Drooping eyelids are a tell tail sign of age, if you can lift your eyelids back up to their natural position you will look much younger and more attractive.

The only real alternative to surgery

Eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is now one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on men and women in the UK and in America. It’s an instant way to make a person look younger and more attractive.

Surgery isn’t the answer for everyone. It’s expensive (£2500 – 5000) , risky and is a massive ordeal to go through just to lift your eyelids.

Creams and lotions are available tighten the skin and lift the eyelid but they don’t work and are expensive.

Eyelid lift tape is the only real alternative to surgery. At just £29.99 it’s very cheap, it’s safe, natural and lifts your eyelids in seconds. You can see the difference in our eye secrets before and after photos.

Look young and feel happy again with Eye Secrets eyelid lift tape.

Buy Eye Secrets tape

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Eyelid lift strips Eye Secrets

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Eyelid lifter strips from Eye Secrets review

The new eyelid lifter strips from Eye Secrets are the new way to instantly lift drooping eyelids. Featured in The Daily Mail, NBC news, The Sun, The Mirror and used by top celebs, it’s the must have beauty item for women.

Eyelid lifter strips benefits:Before and after photo eyelid lifter strips

  • Instantly lift drooping eyelids
  • Apply the strips yourself at home
  • Look younger in seconds
  • Costs only £29.99

How do eyelid lifter strips work?

The way that Eye Secrets eyelid lifter strips work is actually very simple and they’re completely unobtrusive – once they’re on you won’t be able to feel or see them.

Your box of eyelid lift strips contain 30 sets of clear strips. You simply open up the strips and stick one to each eyelid, one side of the strip has an adhesive gel on which allows you to move the strip around until its in the perfect place. Once its on, your eyelids will be instantly lifted to their natural position.

The eyelid lift strips are invisible once applied, no one will be able to see them and you won’t even feel them. The function of your eyelid won’t be effected.

Eyelid lifter strips or eyelid lift surgery?

Along with breast enhancement and nose surgery, eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed. Drooping eyelids make a person look older and tired. By lifting the eyelids back to the natural position you instantly look younger and fresher. This is the reason why eyelid lift surgery is becoming so popular.

However, surgery isn’t always the answer. It’s very expensive (£2500 – £5000), risky and is a big thing to go through just to have your eyelids lifted.

Eyelid lift strips are the best alternative to surgery. They only cost £29.99, they’re completely safe and natural and the results are instant.

Where to buy Eyelid lifter strips

Eye Secrets eyelid lifter stripsEye Secrets eyelid lift strip are only available to buy from the official website.

The company are located in the UK making delivery quick and cheaper.

The eyelid lift strips cost just £29.99. Very cheap for a product that will take 7 years off your age.

Make yourself look and feel younger again, buy eyelid lift strips

Buy eyelid lifter strips

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