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Eye make-up tips for older women

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There are women who enhance their makeup application to hide the wrinkles that they have on their face. They usually apply thick eye liner, bold lip color, wavy mascara. But without being aware that most of these styles need to be avoided by old women.  The thick application of foundation, eye shadows around the eyes can actually increase the age that they look.  For more sophisticated and younger look apply makeup that are enough and not to bold. Blend the colors properly.

Eyes is the part of the face that has a big impact when a person looks at you, it is also the area where the wrinkle mostly appear. This is the most concerns of the older women when they are applying makeup. And with the wrong knowledge that they have they apply thick bold lashes, eye color and eye liners can make them look younger. Here are some of the tips that they need to know to have a sophisticated look.

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Make-up tips

The skin becomes drier when the person goes older. That’s why most of the wrinkle appears. To hide these things you need to apply foundation base, you can used liquid foundation or liquid concealer or you can also use concealing sticks. Just apply this on to the parts that are needed to conceal. Choose the best tone that fits to your skin color so that it is not classy to look at. Always prioritize the eye area to cover the entire wrinkle, aside from using concealer; you can also use eye cream to cover the aging signs.

For the eyes think for an eye shadow that has a light color with a sophisticated impact. The most basic number of eye shadow application is 1-3 colors only. Having a color of bronze, gold, beige, very light pink can create a smoky eyes that can has an effect of young look.

For the eyeliner application, don’t put a cross line over your eyes. Having a dark liner are much obvious to have a n aging skin rather than to the light and simple eye definition make up.  You need to put less amount of mascara too. That is just enough to define the lashes that you have. Before applying mascara always curl you lashes first for few seconds. One great option is to fake you lashes.

Ad for the final touch you can use lip colors that suit to your age. One thing to remember if your eyes shadows are a bit darker you need to apply light lip color and vice versa to this when you will have e very light color of shadow you can apply dark lip color.

These are the simple tips that can surely help you define a younger look.

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January 17th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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