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Eye Secrets Daily Mail Collagen Q10

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Eye Secrets is back in the press, this time UK newspaper The Daily Mail is talking about the new product Collagen & Q10. This is an addition to the Eye Secrets range that works to put collagen back in the skin, plump it up, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and reduce dark spots. Results can be seen in as little as 15 minutes.

Eye Secrets Daily Mail

Read the full Daily Mail article on Collagen & Q10

Collagen & Q10

Collagen & Q10The new product from Eye Secrets is a gel patch that is placed under the eye and kept there for 15 minutes. When you take it off your under eye area will be tighter, wrinkles will appear reduced and you will look younger.

The Daily Mail talks about how this new collagen based product can reduce bags, dark circles and puffiness by 92 percent. Thats all within a one 15 minuate application.

You apply the Collagen & Q10 patches in the morning and leave them on for 15 minutes. This gives your eyes an instant lift and revitalises them. After you’ve taken them off the collagen from the patches continues to work in your skin making it plumper and more youthful.

You could knock as much as 8 years off the age of your eyes.


Ever since Eye Secrets launched last year it has been used by celebrities. Jennifer Aniston uses it, Ex Eastenders star Michelle Collins likes it so much that she has actually endorsed it and put her name to the products. She claims that its her secret weapon to looking sexy when you’re an older woman.

Many make-up artists use the products on actors and TV and movie stars to make them look younger.

The latest celebrity to use Eye Secrets eye lift products is BBC and ITV TV prestenter Christine Bleakley. She may only been in her early thirties but even by that age the wrinkles are starting to show.

The skin around the eye area is 4 times thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face, its constantly moving which causes wrinkles and ages the eyes.

You can join the celebs by buying Eye Secrets and making yourself look younger in minutes.

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December 20th, 2011 at 2:50 am

anti aging foods

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Anti-aging products are a quick way to take of the years and reduce your age. But a long term approach is also needed if you really want to look your best. As we already know that means a healthy lifestyle – plenty of sleep, don’t drink much and diet. Your diet plays a big part in how quickly you age. By making some changes and improving your diet you can make yourself look younger.

The anti-aging food pyramid


The anti-aging food pyramid gives you a general idea of the kinds of foods you should be eating and how often.


Above all drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water a day is the most important thing. Your body needs water to replenish the skin and help flush out all the toxins. If you live in an area with good drinking water then drink tap water, if not buy a water filter and filter your water before drinking. Tap water is always better than bottled.


A good quality multivitamin from the health food shop is all you need. Don’t go crazy buying loads of different supplements, its often unnecessary and expensive.

Low glycemic foods

Replace white bread, white rice, white pasta with the wholegrain alternatives. Refined grains can raise insulin levels, which in turn causes inflammation that damages the skin. Wholegrains will help prevent this and will also help protect you from the suns UV rays.

The right fats

In the past fat and oils gained a bad reputation. We now know that there are bad fats and good fats, we should be regularly eating these good fats to improve our overall health and our skin. Avoid fried foods and eat more natural oils, like nuts, avacados, olive oil, seeds, flax seed oil, fish oils.

Lean protein sources

Your body needs protein to repair and fuel your muscles. Protein provides the buidling blocks for collagen. The more collagen you have, the less wrinkles you will have. Choose chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, beans over red meats.


You don’t have to stick to any rigid diet to see results. By learning a bit about diet and health you can make wiser choices about what your put in your mouth.

The simple rule is, the more natural the food is, the better it will be for you.

Eye Secrets

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November 27th, 2011 at 3:56 pm

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Michelle Collins in Hello magazine

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Soap star Michelle Collins is talking about Eye Secrets again, this time in Hello magazine. She shares her top anti-ageing tips.

At 51 yers old Michelle is around that age that women really want to start taking care of themselves and they do what they can to make themself look younger and more attractive. Surgery may be the answer for some celebs but Michelle is determind to put that off for as long as possible. By using the Eye Secrets kit you can target the whole eye area to appear younger. Smooth over fine wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and make lashes look thicker.

Join the celebs and look younger with Eye Secrets

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November 6th, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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Michelle Collins in Bella magazine

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In this weeks issue of Bella magazine, celebrity soap star Michelle Collins talks about what life is like working on Coronation Street and how she manages to look 10 years younger.

In a two page interview Michelle talks about the pressures of looking good all the time and how she does it.

Michelle was in Eastenders for many years, has been in many different drama series and is now in Coronation Street. Spending so much time in front of the camera means that she always has to look her best but doesn’t have much time to do it

Saying no to surgery … for now

Cosmetic treatments and surgery is the obvious route for many celebrities that want to look younger. But Michelle doesn’t feel that she needs it yet and wants to keep the natural look. To stay looking younger and more attractive she uses Eye Secrets upper eyelid lift to open up her eyes and lift the drooping eyelids. Her make-up artist recommended them a few months ago and shes been using them ever since.

Eyes is where ageing shows first

The thin skin and constant movement of the eyes means that it’s this area where ageing starts to show first. Wrinkles, drooping eyelids and bags can make people look much older than they area. Tightening the area and lifting the eyelids is the first and most important step to looking younger.

You can make yourself look younger in minutes by buying Eye Secrets

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September 23rd, 2011 at 2:00 am

Michelle Collins uses Eye Secrets strips

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51 year old soap star Michelle Collins is turning down cosmetic surgery and using Eye Secrets to look good for the cameras.

The Eastenders and now new Coronation Street actress and celebrity has decided to endorse Eye Secrets after her make-up artist recommended them to her.

Michelle Collins is fully aware that as she gets older she needs extra help to make herself look good. A good hair dresser, stylist, make-up artist and Eye Secrets upper eyelid lift strips to make herself look the best she can on camera.

The eyelid strips take seconds to apply and take years off the age of your eyes. By lifting up drooping eyelids you can make youself look amazing as well.


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September 22nd, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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Eye Secrets Lorraine Kelly show

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On todays Lorraine Kelly show on ITV she talked about how Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips and instant eye tightener are fast becoming a must have item for women.

Lorraine KellyLorraine has featured the eyelid lift stips on her show before and this time was talking more about the instant eye tightener.

Instant eye tightener

The instant eye tightener cream contains a unique blend of active ingredients to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and reduce dark circles.

It is one of the only products that is clinically proven to reduce the apperance of lines by 92% in  under 60 seconds.

Clinical study

In a clinical test done in 2010, 100 women 76% showed the wrinkles disappear or disappearing in under 1 minute. 14% showed the same results within 1 min 45 sec. The remaining 10% either took longer than 2 minutes or it didn’t have much effect because their skin was too badly damaged.

This revolutionary new eye product is the best way to make yourself look younger and more attractive which is why it is constantly being featured on the TV and in magazines and papers.

Lorraine Kelly and other UK celebs recommend Eye Secrets products as an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

You can buy the 3 part Eye Secrets beauty kit for just £79.99

Buy Eye Secrets

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April 19th, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Is Eye Secrets eyelid lifter safe

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Eye Secrets eyelid lifter stripsIn the last 6 months sales of Eye Secrets eyelid lifter have boomed. Celebrities are wearing them to look younger and more attractive and make-up artists are recommending them as an easy home eyelid lift kit for everyone.

Eye Secrets eyelid lifter strips are a quick and easy way to take years off the way you look and make you feel good about yourself again. The adhesive strips can be applied in seconds and will give you an instant eyelid lift. No more saggy, ageing eyelids.

But, how safe are eyelid lift strips?

The clinically tested hypoallergenic adhesive strips are gently applied to the eyelid to lift eyelids to their natural position. To hold the tape in place a petroleum based gel is used. The eyelid tape is completely clear so when applied they become invisible.

The eyelid lift tape has been thoroughly tested and proven to be completely safe, with no caustic ingredients or chemicals added.

The tape is comfortable to wear, very safe and make up can be worn over them. In seconds you will look younger and more attractive and no one will be able to tell how you did it.

Buy Eye Secrets UK

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February 22nd, 2011 at 4:58 pm

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Eye secrets UK

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Eye Secrets UK instant eyelid lift strips have been a massive hit in the UK. Since the revolutionary product launched 6 weeks ago over 15,000 have been sold, men and women all over the UK are buying Eye Secrets to enhance the way they look and feel good about themselves.

At just £29.99 for the Eye Secrets UK instant eye lift its an affordable beauty product for everyone.

Buy for Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when you’re constantly meeting people and having your photo taken. You want to look your best and you want be happy looking at the photos for years to come. Eye Secrets UK instant eye lift is the ideal solution to refresh tired or old looking eyes. In just a few minutes you will look up to 7 years younger and will be feeling much happier and more confident.

Buy Eye Secrets today

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December 18th, 2010 at 3:22 am

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Eye Secret strips tape

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Eye secret strips tape

Eye Secret strips are the most easy beauty product to apply. Once practiced a few times, you will be able to apply the Eye secret tape in just a few seconds. Much quicker than applying false eye lashes, they’re not fiddly or difficult to apply.

How apply Eye Secret strips:

Take one of the sheets of strips. Peel one off with your thumb and first finger.

Slightly close your eyelid. Now simply apply the strip into the crease of your eyelid. You can slide it around if you need to. Once in place press down to ensure it stays there.

Make-up can be applied as normal over the strips.

To remove the Eye secret tape simply slide your finger nail under the corner and peel off.

Eye Secret tape is the new must have beauty product. Anti-aging creams don’t work, Eye secret strips work instantly to make you look younger.

Buy Eye Secret tape

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December 2nd, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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Eye Secrets instant eye lift

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Eye Secrets instant eye lift

Eye Secrets instant eye liftDrooping eyelids can become a thing of the past. Don’t let your age catch up with you. Thousands of men and women are now using Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips to make themselves look and feel younger.

The invisible eye secrets instant eye lift strips take seconds to apply and can be worn all day underneath make up. Many people are now choosing them as a safe and effective alternative to surgery.

How to use Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips

The 30 day supply of eyelid lift strips can be used whenever you like, everyday or just for special occasions. The strips are already cut to size and fit all different eye sizes – they are a one size fits all.

The Eye Secrets instant eye lift strips will lift saggy eyelids and also help to open your eyes. They will last a full day to make you look younger and healthier.

Forget surgery

Before you even think about going through expensive eyelift lift surgery. Try eye secrets instant eye lift strips. Make up can be applied as normal on the eyelids and it won’t effect the function of your eyelid. Once they’re on you won’t even notice them. Just remember to take them off in the evening.

Buy Eye Secrets instant eye lift
Just £29.99

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