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Anti aging tips for women

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Anti aging tips for womenWomen are very conscious when they feel that their age is growing, this means that they are older and feel lots of wrinkle on their face. These women always seek for the best anti-aging tips that they can apply. Some women tend to engage into surgery but apparently this will not truly satisfy them. There are many ways on how to slow down the aging clock. If you can see women who are 50, 60, 70 years old but they look younger the secrets on it are written below.

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Eat a proper anti-aging diet, there are many foods that are not good for our body and causes to appear aging signs fast. The best key on it is to have raw vegetables, green vegetables, fruits and meat. These foods are rich in antioxidant that blocks the oxidant components in our body to prevent the speed of aging.

Keep hydrated

Always drink lots of glasses of water. More than 8 gasses are better per day. The skin cell needs lots of water to make it more moisturize. The water will help your body stay hydrated. The skin needs water to make it younger.


Always engage yourself into exercises. Having these activities will help your body boost and feel younger. Exercise can burn fats and if you are in a god shape you actually look younger than having a fat body. Exercise can prevent you from any disease that most old people have.


Provide yourself supplements, like vitamin E tablets that will renew and fix the damage skin cell. You need to protect your skin from the ultra violet rays of the sun. By using lotion that have a high SPF content this will block the impact of UV rays into your skin. Aside from lotion you can also use sun blocks.


Lastly have a full sleep. The skin cell generate during the time that you are sleeping. If you have observed that after you wake up your skin is so smooth and a bit oily? This is the moment that the skin generates oil and the pores are open.

There are any tips that you can have. But this is the most basic tips that you can consider for an anti-aging tips. Just live positively, be happy and get rid of the bad habits, the above tips can be very easy to start with if you are willing. These are not just suitable for older people. As early as you can, apply thiese tips.

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January 28th, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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Eye make-up tips for older women

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There are women who enhance their makeup application to hide the wrinkles that they have on their face. They usually apply thick eye liner, bold lip color, wavy mascara. But without being aware that most of these styles need to be avoided by old women.  The thick application of foundation, eye shadows around the eyes can actually increase the age that they look.  For more sophisticated and younger look apply makeup that are enough and not to bold. Blend the colors properly.

Eyes is the part of the face that has a big impact when a person looks at you, it is also the area where the wrinkle mostly appear. This is the most concerns of the older women when they are applying makeup. And with the wrong knowledge that they have they apply thick bold lashes, eye color and eye liners can make them look younger. Here are some of the tips that they need to know to have a sophisticated look.

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Make-up tips

The skin becomes drier when the person goes older. That’s why most of the wrinkle appears. To hide these things you need to apply foundation base, you can used liquid foundation or liquid concealer or you can also use concealing sticks. Just apply this on to the parts that are needed to conceal. Choose the best tone that fits to your skin color so that it is not classy to look at. Always prioritize the eye area to cover the entire wrinkle, aside from using concealer; you can also use eye cream to cover the aging signs.

For the eyes think for an eye shadow that has a light color with a sophisticated impact. The most basic number of eye shadow application is 1-3 colors only. Having a color of bronze, gold, beige, very light pink can create a smoky eyes that can has an effect of young look.

For the eyeliner application, don’t put a cross line over your eyes. Having a dark liner are much obvious to have a n aging skin rather than to the light and simple eye definition make up.  You need to put less amount of mascara too. That is just enough to define the lashes that you have. Before applying mascara always curl you lashes first for few seconds. One great option is to fake you lashes.

Ad for the final touch you can use lip colors that suit to your age. One thing to remember if your eyes shadows are a bit darker you need to apply light lip color and vice versa to this when you will have e very light color of shadow you can apply dark lip color.

These are the simple tips that can surely help you define a younger look.

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January 17th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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Michelle Collins in Bella magazine

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In this weeks issue of Bella magazine, celebrity soap star Michelle Collins talks about what life is like working on Coronation Street and how she manages to look 10 years younger.

In a two page interview Michelle talks about the pressures of looking good all the time and how she does it.

Michelle was in Eastenders for many years, has been in many different drama series and is now in Coronation Street. Spending so much time in front of the camera means that she always has to look her best but doesn’t have much time to do it

Saying no to surgery … for now

Cosmetic treatments and surgery is the obvious route for many celebrities that want to look younger. But Michelle doesn’t feel that she needs it yet and wants to keep the natural look. To stay looking younger and more attractive she uses Eye Secrets upper eyelid lift to open up her eyes and lift the drooping eyelids. Her make-up artist recommended them a few months ago and shes been using them ever since.

Eyes is where ageing shows first

The thin skin and constant movement of the eyes means that it’s this area where ageing starts to show first. Wrinkles, drooping eyelids and bags can make people look much older than they area. Tightening the area and lifting the eyelids is the first and most important step to looking younger.

You can make yourself look younger in minutes by buying Eye Secrets

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September 23rd, 2011 at 2:00 am

Instant eye tightener in No1 Magazine

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Eye Secrets anti-aging beauty products have been all over the news in England and now it’s being recommended in Scottish publications. No.1 Magazine that goes out every two weeks in Scotland did a page on anti-ageing make up secrets recently and recommended Eye Secrets Instant Eye Tightener as the quickest way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

They gave 13 tips on how to do your make-up t0 help you look younger, fresher and more attractive. A few simple steps can make all the difference.

No.1 Magazine

Instant eye tightener

No.1 Magazine Anti-Ageing make up tips:

The basics

As we age skin becomes drier, so its very important to keep the skin as hydrated as possible. When you’re buying foundation avoid anything with ‘matte’ in the title. If a foundation is too matte it makes skin look even drier and often settles into fine lines and wrinkles, further highlighting them, which is obviously not what we want.

Make-up with skincare

Look out for make-up that contains ‘peptides and retinol’ as these are proven to improve the apperance of mature skin. You’ll find these ingredients in good foundations and tinted moisturisers.

Light-reflecting = airbrushing!

Look out for make-up that claims to be ‘light-reflecting’. These products act like an airbrush on the skin and soften the apperance of lines – therefore they are absolutely ideal for mature skin. You can get light-reflecting concealers everywhere but also look out for light-reflecting foundation to give the entire face a subtle ‘glow’.

Prime the skin

There is confusion out there about the importance of primer, but it really is the secret of the make-up artists – it’s how they manage to give celebrities that smooth complexion we all want. Basically it acts as a shield or a smoothing agent that fills in large pores and some of the fine lines to create a uniformed canvas for you to apply your foundation onto. It also makes make-up last longer throughout the day so it really is worth investing in.

Foundation application tricks

How you apply foundation to your face will make all the difference. Try using a slightly damp foundation brush or sponge to help make-up glide onto the skin and give the face a dewy, rather than dry, apperance.

Warmth is key

Skin can appear much greyer in tone with age so warming up the complexion is vital to giving off a sense of youth. For this a very light dusting of bronzer works wonders as not only does it warm your complexion, it also makes the whites of your eyes look brighter and your teeth look whiter, all of which make you look younger.

Neaten up your brows

The eye area tends to recede with age and so anything that makes it look even older is a no no! But did you know that straggly eyebrows can really age your eyes? It’s important to keep your brows neat and nicely arched to pull the eye upwards. Look into threading in your local area as this is better for mature skin around the eye than waxing.

Keep lips soft and supple

Dry, flaky lips age the whole face so make sure you keep them hydrated. Use a good lip balm and then gently scrub lips with an old tooth brush to exfoliate, then add another dollop of lip balm and you’ll be left with plumped smooth, younger-looking lips.

Use Eye Secrets before make-up!

Eye Secrets Instant Eye Tightener has been clinically proven to reduce the apperance of under-eye wrinles for up to 10 hours, which makes it ideal if you have a special occasion coming up that you want to look your best at. Apply before popping on your make-up and you will see results after 60 seconds!

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April 4th, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial

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Botox in a bottle

Glamoxy Snake Serum from RodialA brand new revolutionary anti-ageing cream that produces and instant face lift in seconds.

The Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial is being called “Botox in a bottle” because of the way it instantly tightens the faces and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

This isn’t another fad or gimmicky anti-ageing cream, it’s been clinically proven to work and us being used by celebrities Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham to help them look their best.

The Daily Mail newspaper has reported on how effective Glamoxy Snake Serum from Rodial is. The tests they did showed that after 90 seconds of applying the cream the skin became visibly tighter and wrinkles appeared reduced.

At £125 for a 25ml bottle it isn’t as cheap as the other anti-ageing creams you find on the shelves, but it is much cheaper and safer than botox or surgery. Look out for Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum at Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

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Eye Secrets discount code

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Eye Secrets discount code

Eye Secrets tape is selling quickly, with thousands sold within the first few weeks it’s a hugely popular product that is helping women look younger.

Eye Secrets discount codeThere are three eye rejuvenating products available which have been specifically designed to make your eyes look and feel  younger and more attractive.

The three products available are:

  • Upper eyelid lifter £29.99
  • Under eye tightener £49.99
  • Eyelash growth accelerator £49.99

Total price: £129.99

For a limited time only you can get all 3 products for just £79.99

To use our discount code all you have to do is follow this link and buy Eye secrets.

By using our Eye Secrets discount code you effectively get one of the three products completely free. £79.99 is a small price to pay to take 7 years off the way you look. Treat yourself and surprise your friends with younger looking eyes.

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Eye Secrets review

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Eye Secrets Review

Eye Secrets review

Eye Secrets products have been causing a fuss in the media and in the cosmetic world. It’s a brand new alternative to risky and costly costmetic surgery.

In just a few minutes you can improve tired or droopy eyes. Lift your eyelids in minutes and look younger.

Eye Secrets benefits:

  • Instantly lift eyelids
  • Erase wrinkles and fine lines instantly
  • Look and feel younger

Visit the Official product website to Buy Eye Secrets

What is Eye Secrets?

Eye Secrets are a brand new range of products that reduce the signs of ageing in the eyes without surgery.

There are three products in the range that include an instant eyelid lift, wrinkle reduction cream and an eye lash growth stimulator.

The results are instant and will make you look younger and healthier in minutes. With prices from £29.99 its an affordable solution for everyone.

Whats included in the Eye Secrets kit?

Eyelid lift

Eye Secrets eyelid lifter

  • Instantly lift eyelids
  • Makes you look younger in minutes
  • Easy to apply
  • The only alternative to surgery

The first sign of ageing in the eyes is saggy eyelids or drooping eyelids. The Eye Secrets eyelid lift restores eyelids to their original position by tightening the skin.

You simply apply one of the transparent strips to your upper eyelids and watch the skin tighten. The effects are temporary and can last upto 12 – 14 hours. The pack contains 64 strips which last a month. Or you can just wear the strips on special occasions or nights out and make the strips last longer.

So far they are the only real alternative to a cosmetic eyelid surgery lift. It’s safe, the effects are instant and affordable.

Buy instant eyelid lift now

Instant Eye Tightener

Eye Secrets eye tightener

  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles & bags
  • Remove dark circles
  • Refresh tired looking eyes
  • Easy to apply

The Eye Secrets Instant Eye Tightener is a cream that reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes. You apply the cream and within a minute your eyes will look fresher and younger.

The effects last around a day and the cream and be reapplied if you need to. The cream is a made from completely natural ingredients and is also hypoallergenic so it won’t affect people with sensitive skin.

The Instant Eye Tightener has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bags by upto 92%

If used daily the bottle will last around 30 days.

Buy Instant Eye Tightener now

Lash Growth Accelerator

Eye Secrets lash growth accelerator

  • Clinically shown to work
  • Results can be seen in 21 days
  • Works while you sleep
  • Bottle lasts for 9 months

Thin, short eye lashes are another sign of ageing in the eyes. Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator will give you full, thick and long lashes.

After just one application you will start to see the effects. When used for 21 days the look of your eyelashes will be improved by upto 72%. Clinical studies have shown that the longer Lash Growth Accelerator is used, the more the affects will show.

Thick, full, lashes are an easy and quick way to make you look younger.

Buy Lash Accelerator now

How well does Eye Secrets work?

The Eye Secrets products have been clinically proven to produce results. The clinical trials have shown excellent results and the customer reviews are all positive.

We like Eye Secrets, it’s a great alternative to risky and costly surgery. If you want to look younger and improve the apperance of your eyes then Eye Secrets is for you.

How to buy?

The complete Eye Secrets package is available to buy for £64.99 (usual price £89.99) from the Offical product website.

The products can also be bought seperately for £24.99 – £34.99 each.

Buy Eye Secrets today

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